Winning lottery is much easier than winning a soccer bet. It is so because you only need choosing a number and there are many ways to select the winning number. There are studies that show occurrence of numbers again and again. If you give a close look at the winning numbers over a period of time, you will find occurrence of specific numbers after intervals.

Let’s Make a Strategy for Winning Lottery

1. Repeating numbers

Study the winning numbers of last ten years to find the digits that are repeating. It isn’t that you need choosing the number that is repeated most times but you should calculate the probabilities of each number and determine its chances of coming up in present draw.

2. Even and odds

In 4D lottery, you choose four lucky digits and you are free to choose any number from 0000 to 9999. You can choose even number or odd number or mix the numbers. Experienced gamblers suggest that you choose two numbers from high digits and two from low digits. Or you can pick two evens and two odds.

3. Numbers with dates

A close study can reveal surprising relation between winning numbers and dates of pronunciation of toto Malaysia live results. When you’ve got hold of the relation between 4D and dates, you can choose the digits that are most likely to figure in the winning numbers. And you don’t need any helping hand for studying the data.

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There could be more tricks to win lottery but these three are the most popular and also most reliable winning strategies of lotter winners. 4D is known as quick gambling as gamblers don’t have to work hard on the game. The only effort you need making to win the game is choosing right digits to make your lucky number.

This question would certainly come to your mind as you don’t have access to any data regarding lottery. Here Google and senior gamblers could help. It could be surprising to know that gamblers have done in-depth studies in lottery system. And they share their studies on their blogs and books. You can go through the findings of those gamblers and take lessons from their experience.

You’ll choose a lucky number that could be your date-of-birth, house number, car number or any number you feel lucky with. With lucky number, you only improve your chances of winning but there is no guarantee of winning in lottery.

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