Chip Stake Sizes Strategy in Online Poker

Understanding Chip Stake Sizes in Poker

The moment you are playing poker, it is important that you need to have a better understanding of poker chips stakes. This is an important aspect for both normal games and tournaments. So if you want to make use of any strategy in the game of online poker then it is certain that you need to have a better understanding of stake size for you as well as for your opponents. So if a player is playing the game for a much higher stake size then it is quiet easy to push such players. The fact is that if a player is making use of a high stake size then he is more interested in pushing whereas if you are involved in small stake size then you certainly are more interested in gaining more number of chips.

When playing the game, a player who often plays the game for high stake size, has his bank limits that can support high stakes. So their game can always be better adjusted only if they loose the game. If a player is playing the game for smaller stake size, then it is certain that he or she is just not having the ability to play for bigger amount or he or she is in fact not having enough confidence of their win. As these players are not ready to take much risk so they are generally easy to be defeated or pushed. This strategy can be followed in poker rooms such as party poker and doyles room poker and all the rooms in out poker bonus portal

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Strategy and Benefit Involved in Playing Big Stake Size

  • There certainly are a number of benefits the moment you are playing the game using high stake size. Apart from this, there might also be a number of disadvantages. Even if you are having all possible luck favoring you, still there are a number of advantages that you can have from chip stake, especially when playing tournament. This is an important aspect when closing bubble. If you are playing the game making use of large chip stake size, then it is obvious that a number of players might get pushed aside or even they might try and match you very often or even take time in taking their decision against you. One of the main disadvantages when playing high stake size is that most of your opponents might in fact fold early instead of placing their high bets against you.
  • So in case there are no straights or flush then there are full chances that you can push your opponents to fold by using high stake chips. This is also one feature that is very much common in most chip dominated game.
  • Another benefit of playing High stake chip game is that you can in fact make a number of bluffs in a row. This is one way that you can make use of for misguiding your opponents. Most small players might in fact be forced to fold much early in the game. This offers you with complete chance where you can in fact force other players for fold early. This always increases you chance of winning.
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Small Stake Strategy

In this case the roles are certainly reversed as your opponent is playing for high stake value and you are playing for a small chip size. It is important that you need to calculate what the bet might in fact cost you as compared to the number of chips that you might loose because of flop. You also have to keep in mind that there certainly is no chance that any player can in fact swoop you in a single hand.

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