How To Play Level Up Video Poker

Video poker is one of the most popular games at the online casino, but if you’re looking for an even more thrilling poker adventure you can play Level up Video Poker on your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Playing Level up Video Poker adds a whole new level of suspense and fun to your online poker event. This new variation of video poker involves a small adjustment to your video poker games. You won’t see your poker hand as an isolated entity, but rather, you’ll view your hand as a trigger which moves an entire system towards higher levels for more lucrative payouts.

There are many types of video poker but Level up Video Poker is probably one of the most intense. The variation allows you to play up to four hands of poker consecutively. Each hand involves its own bets and its own payouts but as you play four simultaneous hands you’ll be able to compete at a faster pace for progressively higher payouts. Every time that you achieve a win you “level up” to the next hand. The earnings rise as your levels increase so by the time that you achieve the top level, you’ll be earning top payouts.

Get Started with Video Poker Level Up

Make your bet to start playing Level up Video Poker. Choose your coin size and determine how many coins you want to bet. You’ll be wagering on all four hands at once so whichever coin size you choose, and whichever number of coins you bet, that will be your wager on all four of your games. Bet 5 coins of  0.25 credits each and you’ll be betting 1.25 credits on each of your four hands for a total deposit of 5 credits.

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You may be thinking that this is the same type of game as multi-hand poker but in multi-hand poker, you can place a different bet on each of your multiple hands. In Level Up video poker, there’s one bet value that applies to all four games, W88 Live Casino.

Now the time has come to play your poker hands. Click “Deal” to receive four five-card hands. You can only see the cards in the first hand since the cards in the other three hands appear face-down.

Go ahead and play Hand #1 in the same way as you would play any standard poker game. Decide which cards you want to hold and which cards you want to trade in. Click on the cards that you want to hold and then click “Draw” to trade in the other cards for new cards.

You will be aiming to create the strongest hand possible. There are seven possible combinations that you may create and your payout will be dependent on those combinations. Possible poker combinations include a hand with two matching cards (two of a kind), a hand with three matching cards (three of a kind), a hand with four matching cards (four of a kind), a hand with five cards of consecutive values (a straight), a hand with five cards which all belong to the same suit (a flush), a hand of five consecutive cards which all belong to the same suit (a straight-flush) and a hand which includes a ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, all of the same suit (a Royal Flush).

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To determine your win, check your hand and compare it to the Payout Table. This will tell you how much you’ve won.

Moving Up

If you win your first hand, the cards in the second hand will flip over. Now you play that hand in the regular way — click on the cards that you want to hold, then click “Draw.” Build your hand and check your win. This time, if you win, your payout is double because you’re now at level 2. So if you get a straight and the payout table says a straight pays 20 credits you now earn 40 credits.

When you win at Level 2 you move up to Level 3, and if you win at Level 3 your win is quadrupled and you move to Level 4. Level 4 wins are multiplied 8x.

One game, four levels, and possible payouts of 8x for a thrilling gaming adventure of fun, excitement and lucrative earnings.

Level-Up Variations

Level up Video Poker combines with other types of poker variations so regardless of your preferred poker challenge, you can level it up. Level Up video poker can be played in conjunction with Deuces Wild Poker, Jacks or Better Poker and Double Joker Poker. Each of these variations follows the Level-Up format according to its own particular rules.

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You can test any of these variations out, with or without the Level Up feature, for free in the casino’s Free Mode. When you’re ready to play for real money prizes, navigate to the Real Mode and make your deposit to start playing for real.

Play Level Up Video Poker Anywhere

Level up Video Poker is available on Download and Instant platforms. So whether you’re at home with your downloaded version or having fun on a friend’s PC or laptop where you can play on the Instant, no-download version, you’ll be able to sign into your personal account at your leisure and play at your convenience.

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