Casino Action Video Poker Game

A great poker casino online is an absolute must for all video poker fans. The marks of a great poker casino includes a casino that offers a nice selection of top quality video poker games with high quality features and graphics, a casino with generous rewards and bonuses for all of its members as well as great customer service and plentiful banking options. The Video Action Video Poker Casino offers all of this and more!

A sleek black and gold display welcomes the player to the Casino Action site. The casino was established in the year 2000, making this a golden oldie of online casinos! As you may have noticed the older casinos are also the most respected and trustworthy of all the casinos. The casino is licensed in Malta and it is a part of the Casino rewards group of casinos. The casino is available in downloadable, instant as well as mobile variations.

The Casino Action Video Poker Games

The casino action casino uses the Microgaming software, this top software promises the player a top-notch playing experience. The casino offers the player a nice variety of casino games including a number of progressive slot games that are connected to the microgaming network and the promise of an enormous jackpot. However the reason we have made our way to the casino is to check out the variety of video poker games on offer and you will not be disappointed with what you will find!

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Although the casino does offer a variety of slots and table games, the casinos specialty is video poker games. Video poker games are increasingly popular among players due to their combination of both luck and skill. Unlike the classic game of poker, the game of video poker is not played with other poker players, rather, the game focuses on the player attaining his best possible poker hand and then collecting his winnings according to the payout table of the particular video poker game he is playing. The game is also popular due to its particularly low casino edge as well as the opportunity to win big payouts.

This casino has a great range of video poker games to choose from. The beginner video poker player is encouraged to try out the video poker games for free at the casino so that he can get a feel for the game and begin to understand the strategy that should be used.

Beginner players should focus on the simpler of the video poker options such as Jacks or Better. The casino has also dedicated a section to explaining the game to new players as well as a detailed section with video poker tips. The games themselves are very well presented and clearly display the different hands in descending order of hand ranking as well as the minimum hand that is needed to win and a complete payout table.

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Take note that every different video poker variation will have its own specific table and payouts so be sure to check these out before beginning to play.

Once you have gotten the hang of the game, it is time to move on to some of the more exciting and infinitely more rewarding games on offer such as Jackpot Deuces and Supajax, these are progressive video poker games with enormous jackpots and the opportunity to win big.

Additional Reasons for Playing Video Poker at Casino Action

As well as the wonderful video poker game selections on offer, there are many other great reasons that you should be playing video poker at this casino.

We will start with perhaps the most compelling reason of all, the bonus. Casino action awards all new players with a really tremendous welcome package to the tune of $1250 in welcome bonuses. The innovative welcome bonus can be enjoyed in two different ways, you can choose to take the $1250 bonus and use it to play as many games of video poker as you can in just one hour. Any winnings you make up to $100 are yours to keep and they can be used as your first deposit. If you don’t win anything, you are given a second chance. This time you get to spin a wheel, the number on which the wheel lands will determine the size of your bonus. Players can also just opt for a 100% match bonus of up to $40 on their first deposit.

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Another great reason to play video poker online casino is the opportunity to become a member of the great casino action VIP club. Members of the club can earn points simply by depositing money at the casino, these points can later be redeemed for casino chips.

The final compelling reason I will give you for playing video poker at the casino action online casino is their customer support. The customer support offered at the casino is hands-down one of the best in the industry. Support staff are available around the clock to deal with any problem that may arise. Staff can be contacted via email, live chat or by telephone in a number of different languages.

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