From his work with the Special Olympics to his time at home with his family, positively influencing children and young adults has always been a high priority for Jamaal Charles.

Now, the Kansas City Chiefs running back is doing it in a different way: as the subject in the latest installment of a book series called Middle School Rules by Sean Jensen. The book tells Jamaal’s personal story in a unique way, and the Port Arthur, Texas native hopes readers will take valuable lessons from his experiences.

“I just learned [through] all of these overcoming adversities in life. People tell you you’ll never go nowhere — never give up,” Jamaal said. “You feel like you always get beat or you’re always down on yourself, don’t be down on yourself, you can continue to improve in your craft, what you’re weak in and get stronger in. People tell you at that age you got a learning disability, most people don’t know how to take that stuff. I always tell kids y’all got a bright future, y’all very smart. Don’t never tell nobody, ‘I can never do nothing,’ because y’all can do something in life.”

The book is available for order now on

“I’m just thankful to people that because for me speaking, because from my book, I thank God and tell them to be blessed and live a blessed life, and I thank everybody for their support,” Charles said. “And just let God control our future.”